Sunday, September 21, 2008

Liar, liar, campaign's on fire.

I came across this article today, that talks about how the word liar is traditionally an out-of-bounds term in American politics.

Hahahahahahhaahaha. I wonder what the article's author would think of our current election campaign, where everyone is accused of being a liar, and lying in favour of some kind of personal agenda?

Was there ever a time that Canadian politicians were more timid about accusing their opponents of lying (or “misusing the truth” or “using disinformation”)?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wii Fit?

It has been four months now since I bought into the Wii Fit craze. There were a lot of preliminary reviews that praised and criticised the gaming platform. I figured that I would let some time pass before I bothered adding my own impression to the discourse.

A couple of things: first, I disagree with suggestions that Wii Fit is just for fat, lazy gamers and stay-at-home moms. I am an above-average athlete, in that I workout/train for more than 8 hours each week, and I found some of the games rather challenging. Granted, when you start playing most of the games and activities are pretty easy. Most of the 'strength' category exercises only involve a few repetitions, and the 'aerobic' category games are very short. However, I was impressed by many of the "unlocked" exercises: especially the "challenge" games that push you to do an ever-increasing number of push-ups, or to hold the plank position for longer and longer. These exercises can challenge most athletes. Many of the games are really very fun, and I found myself learning quite a lot about my own centre of balance in the process.

Of course, WiiFit's limitations are manifold. The one peeve that I have seen repeated on the game reviews is that the exercises do not seamlessly connect, as they do when casually working-out. For instance, after doing a round of push-ups one is directed back to the exercise menu. However, before doing so the game suggests a yoga or aerobic exercise to combine with the push-up workout. I would like it if there was an option to continue on to the suggested exercise, rather than going back to the menu. This would reduce the time between exercises, and would make for a better workout.

Another comment that I recall seeing on some of the reviews (either by an author or as a follow-up comment) was that the game "was just a fad." I certainly agree that the game is just a fad. However, after the honeymoon period ended, and the novelty wore-off, I find that do return to it regularly. At first, I had tried to combine Wii Fit with my existing work-out regime (jogging, tennis and swimming). However, for reasons regarding loading times, I quickly dropped-off the amount of Wii Fit exercising that I would commit to on a weekly basis.

As an occasional supplement for a regular exercise schedule, I think that the Wii Fit is excellent. It has plenty of fun and challenging exercises that give it great re-play value.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Catching up.

Somehow I seem to find the time to work on projects that should have been finished several weeks ago, and no time to keep up with my blogging. Some things I want to say:

Going to the Cinema
I had a chance to see the Dark Knight. I think that most of the movie reviewers have mentioned all of the high points, and the failures (length and slow-to-frenetic pacing). The one thing that I want to add is: people, please do not bring your CHILDREN to this movie. I knew that it was going to be rather disturbing, but I was much more disturbed by the number of young children in the theatre with their (stupid) parents.

Election Time
Canadian election season is gearing-up, right alongside a very exciting election season south of the border. So far the Canadian election promises to be amateurish and juvenile.

The liberals have started out strong by declaring that Harper and his cronies are liars. Well, everyone already knows that. When you make that into your message at a given event, it is sort of like calling the dumb kid and "idiot" in front of the class. It may be true, but you still look like an ass for having nothing better to say.

Layton and NDP, who looked primed to make a difference by challenging the conventional distribution of seats in Ontario and Quebec, have lost a lot of credibility as the "alternative party" by trying to block May and the Greens from the televised debates. Honestly, Jackie-boy, you have nothing to worry about. Let May get on camera, let her look like the hack she is, and then let her become the historical footnote that she is destined to be.

The conservatives....where do I begin? They have this "family guy" campaign on the radio and television right now. The only problem is, they are undermining themselves with a slurry of gaffes and fiascoes. The "pigeon pooping" and "Liberal Dad" incidents are not just INCIDENTS. They are SYMPTOMS of an aggressive, threatening and distrustful culture. These SYMPTOMS did not appear because a lone actor was "extreme" in their conduct. These SYMPTOMS appeared because the party cultivates it. Something is rotten in the state of Conservative land.

I'm not even going to comment on the Bloc.

The Green Party? Who?

The weather is great outside...and I guess that one of the reasons I have failed to keep up with my blog is that I would much rather go jogging, or swimming, than sit down and write (once I am finished work for the day).