Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Busy Summer, and "On Being Too Important to Update My Blog (?)"

Well...I really have no excuse this time. I have spent much (most) of the summer in front of computer screens, as I have somehow found myself working my butt off.

For what? I'm not sure. Nonetheless, I have managed to not once update my blog. All of a sudden, it is the end of August and I wonder what I have been doing.

SWMBO thinks that I am a loser and would rather work than socialize. Then again, her opinion of me changed after I announced that we are going to go to Chicago in September. Now, her faith in the Captain and President-for-Life of Team Awesome is magically restored.

Aside from work, lots of stuff has been happening. I am expecting to write some posts on:
  • Harper's Subversive Strategies (and why Canadian Historians will agree with me);
  • The Green Shift- great Tax reform, poor environmental action plan;
  • Why OLD (text)books should be digitized;
  • Team Awesome's Emissary to Australia;
  • Delusions of Fitness (WiiFit after three months);
  • What I love about jogging;
  • And, how to make a better Olympiad.

Updates are forthcoming. To my (one or two) readers, the long wait is near an end!

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